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  The goal of this web site is to provide access to the widest selection of any Farsi Books in Stock to the largest group of people possible. To insure a safe, no offensive environment for all of our users, we have established our Terms of Use. It spells out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. By accessing any areas of this web site, customers agree to be legally bound and to abide by the terms set below.

  • Generals: 
  • Customer agrees to use this site only for lawful purposes. We don't supply and sell unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually, profane, hateful, racially Titles and any of these kinds of orders will be disregard.
  • is a part of for supplying and distributing mass orders.
  • Some of the books are used and their Qualities are not the same as an unused book. We will inform you after receiving your orders about quality of the title you need.
  • The Prices and availabilities may be changed. Our Customer Service Department will inform customer upon receive the order.
  • Our products are shipped insured, and packaged very carefully. But some times, during transportation members of post office in other countries made the parcels damage. We have not any responsibility about this and can not be responsible for the arrival of the package.
  • We can ship to other countries, if the payment is made within US dollar, Canadian dollar, England Pound or EURO to our account in advance. We want to ask you to Please contact us before submitting any payments. This way you are assured of the availability and your exact cost and expectations.
  • We can not exchange an item after the sale. If there is a problem with your order please contact us before payment.
  • If the customer cancels the order after it is prepared and sent, the customer should return the parcel(s) safe and sound. After receiving them back, we will deducted 30% of the initial payment and return the balance to the customer.
  • For items that are cost more than $100.00 , we suggest DHL, TNT or Globex Express postages. Because, they are very safer than Registered Air Mail Shipping. Otherwise, if there is a problem with receiving these kind of items, customer should accept the terms. (Please see the next Section). 

  • Shipping / Delivery Time / Packaging:

    There are three methods for sending the orders: 
    1- Via Registered Air Mail. (%Free!)
    2- Via Ground Shipping (It's Not Recommended at All). (%Free!)
    3- Via DHL, TNT or Globex Express Postage. (Customer should accept the price)
    4- Via Air Freight Shipping (This method is only available for Mass orders and usually it's Free of charge)
  • IRAN orders, depending on distance, generally take from One to Fifteen days. The delivery is usually about 4-8 weeks but, Foreign orders may take up to one month for delivery (Via Registered Air Mail).
    DHL, TNT or Globex postage are very safer than Registered Air Mail. They take around 3-5 work days. Customer can track the shipment via Internet.
  • Customers satisfaction is first for us therefore we have decided to ship all of the orders to any point in the world with no shipping charges for sending via Registered Air Mail. It's %Free! Of course, customer accept the shipping charge for some heavy items. It will be mentioned by our Customer Service Department.
  • We can not sell only one item through this website. We are supplying here only the mass orders. If a Customer Order only 1 Item, we will process his order by our main website at: which he should accept the terms that have been mentioned there.
  • We check the address of the customer before sending the order. If the address of the customer was not correct and the parcel sent back, we will charge for resending the order.
  • We are packaging and warping the orders very well. The Shipped orders via Registered Air Mail are Packaging by "M" Parcels. When customers are receiving their orders, they should sign an Advance receipt that is on the parcels. (only for parcels more than 1 Kilogram)
  • We normally send the voluminous orders by Air Freight and not by Registered Air mail. The advantages of doing this are:
    1- The packages are received by the customer much sooner than registered air mail.
    2- Customers will get the entire of their orders at the same time.
    3- It's much safer than the registered air mail.

    -It's very important that the packages shipped via Air Freight, arrive to the nearest city which has a customs department. Any charges relevant to releasing the packages through the customs are on the customer side and we accept no responsibility on this matter.
  • The Shipping via Air Freight will be done by Airlines. There is a Air Waybill as a receipt of this method.
  • If there is a problem with receiving the order, we will check the matter from our side (Iranian Post Office) and also, customer should check from his side. We will do our best but, It may takes some months! We will be unable to respond to any shipping related enquiries within this period. Therefore customer should be patient to solve the problem by Post Offices. 

  • Payments:

  • All of the Prices are in US Dollars.
    As your satisfaction is first for us, wherefore there are several methods for paying by customers:
  • 1-Credit Card. The customer would like to pay by their Credit Card. Then we will send them a link for Credit Card Processing on a Secure Server. (We are under Contract with "Ravand Cyber Tech: OCISA" company to Process Online Orders by Credit Card.)
  • 2- Online via Mooneybookers Ltd. The customer would like to pay by this method. Then we will send them a link to sign up first for Free and upload their payments to their Free account and send us the payment via this very simple method. (it likes PayPal)
  • 3- Wire Transfer. The customer would like to pay by wire transferring and we will send them our Bank details and Bank SWIFT.


  • ACKNOWLEDGMENT The Terms of Use, including all documents referenced herein, represents the entire understanding between you and we regarding your relationship with us and supersedes any prior statements or representations. YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF USE BY USING THIS WEB SITE. The aforementioned Terms of Use are subject to change.


                           2015 Terms & Conditions


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